One Plus One Equals Three - 2014

Recorded and produced in "A Roomfull of Stuff" Blaxland, NSW by Glenn Skarratt. This is our debut duo album. It contains original material written by us both and a couple of songs which we both loved rearranging and equally love performing. Also contains apreviously unreleased version of "Old" from my first solo album

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A Silent History
Making Tracks
Going Strong
Black Dog Coming
What Comes Around
Can't Be Satisfied
People Get Ready
In on This
Love Cycle
Will Starts Shrinking
Across the Sea
Old (bonus track)


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In The Blood - 2011

Recorded at Noonah Studios in Sunbury, Vic. Mixed and mastered at Cloud Studios in Wyong, this long overdue album contains my latest originals, and, in contrast to my other recordings, songs written by artists who have inspired me over the years.

"Phil Edgeley's album - In the Blood, is one of the best I have heard in years, a true artist and exceptional all round entertainer"
David Churchill & Churchill Guitars

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Broke Down Engine
Strength in You
Can't Fight Time
Girl of the North Country
Souls at War
All the King's Horses
Gallows Pole
Screaming on the Inside
Fix it Up
Make a Change
Living with the Law

THen And Now CD

Then And Now - 2007

Recorded at Point Studios on the Central Coast. A crew of top-flight musicians ably abets Phil: Mick King (Guitar), Christian Marsh (Blues & chromatic harmonica), Murray Campbell (Djembe, Moroccan talking drum and percussion) and Paul Rutter again steps up on both fretted & fretless bass guitar duties. Producer Roni Francois adds his multi-instrumentalist talents to the mix via drums, bass guitar piano and percussion to give a more textured, refined backdrop to the songs.

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Doin’ Me Wrong
Troubled Mind
Price I Pay
Life’s For Living
I Don’t Stop
True Love
Mind Of My Own
It could Be Me

This Life - 2005

Recorded at RAMROD studio in Sydney. Featuring Paul Rutter on fretless bass and Tony Keep on drums to compliment Phil's passionate guitar playing and vocals, this CD is raw, earthy and real with songs that make you think as well as tap your feet to. The freshness and honesty of Phil's original songs makes for compelling listening.


Gets You Down
Cold World
Good Book
Small Town
Out Of Here
Try To Love

Need To think


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CD Reviews of "One Plus One Equals Three"

Until a couple of years ago, Trudy Edgeley had been quite content to manage English bluesman husband Phil's career, so all I can say is thank goodness that she took those cajon lessons on the sly and suggested a jam one night after one of Phil's national tours. Not only did he find the percussionist of his dreams, but also a truly sublime singer-songwriter whose music brought elements of gospel, work song, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous melodies and rhythms to mix and match Phil's love affair with the Mississippi Delta blues of the '30s through '50s, with a dash of British traditional folk. They write separately, with Phil bringing nine to Trudy's three songs to the table, with Muddy Waters' "Can't Be Satisfied" and Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready", the latter sung by Trudy, making up the baker's dozen plus one, so Oneplusoneequalsthree is still pretty acoustic Delta blues-heavy, and the contrast when Trudy steps forward adds another really powerful layer to an amiable and, on the quiet, powerful collection.
Micheal Smith - Rhythms Magazine

On their latest release : "One Plus One Equals Three", Phil and Trudy Edgeley bring it all back home- from dust-blown worksongs to gospel-tinged country blues they tell of universal experience at the same time deeply rooted in their own cultural understanding.
The idiom and instrumentation are at once familiar and fresh, lending as they do, a colloquial expressiveness to a time-honoured form (and I've got to say I'm a sucker for a tuba).
Glenn Skarratt's production manages to enhance the telling of these tales without ever obscuring the message or distracting from the journey, and a journey it is, as all the best roots recordings are.
These two tireless troubadours are indeed greater than the sum of their parts."
Mark Lucas - Singer/Songwriter

I listen to the latest tasty offering from Phil Edgeley and Trudy Edgeley titled oneplusoneequalsthree and am transported along with them on one of their numerous treks around this fantastic country without the physical opportunity to do so. As I hear the marvellous word, sounds and culture oozing from this CD I can only imagine what the audiences Phil and Trudy have entertained from around the world have felt.The stories, the accents, the sounds, the music … their curiosity must be off the charts to sample more of these two exceptional musicians, wordsmiths and story tellers and a little more of our very diverse lands. Great ambassadors!
For us here at home it is an insight into the stories from our heritage, culture and lives. Outback campfire songs, Australian Roots, Blues, Folk, so many niches to place them in but try and forget the tunes – no way. They stay in your mind and visions and keep the enjoyment happening long after you have hit the off button.All tracks are by Phil and Trudy and while it has the distinctive ‘Edgeley’ sound with new dimensions it differs on a few tracks as well. Trudy’s influence adds a mutable slant to the forefront of the songs that I can only presume are the tracks that are more her influence and thoughts If you were thinking of testing new Edgely grounds think of that ad where they have you hooked already and then say … ‘but wait, there’s more’ … this is the more.
Debbi Lalor - WhatsonCentralCoast

CD Review of "In the Blood"

Born in the UK, Phil Edgeley now calls Ettalong Beach, NSW, Australia home. Looking out of my window at the snow falling and the slush rapidly freezing, I can’t help but feel a little jealous; though listening to “In The Blood” it’s obvious the sunshine suits his music. He plays a form of acoustic blues, which accommodates an overt folk influence. Indeed, an early highlight of the set is his cover of Richard Thompson’s “Beeswing” and his take on Dylan’s “Girl of the North Country” is just as effective.
As good as the covers are, original material dominates the album, and Edgeley’s a smart songwriter with tales to tell. Opener “Broke Down Engine” takes inspiration from the Blind Willie McTell song, “Strength in You” utilizes powerful imagery and “Can't Fight Time” tells a basic truth with wit and charm without pulling any punches. It’s an album that flows beautifully, and takes inspiration from artists such as Chris Smither, Martin Simpson and Chris Whitley, and that’s good company to keep.
“In The Blood” is Edgeley's first collection of new material since 2007’s “Then And Now”, and there’s a palpable excitement present in the whole album's enthusiastic execution. It’s catching, and as a new convert to Edgeley and his songs, I hope I won't have to wait too long before he finds his way into the studio again.
Phil S. - Leicester Bangs (U.K.)

CD Review of "Then and Now"

Phil is an ex-pat Pom who’s been living for some years in the Newcastle (NSW) area. I've seen his name on various festival lineups (Newcastle, Berry) but I'd never listened to him till now. My loss, because boy, he sure makes some beautiful music.
It took me a couple of listens to tune into what I was hearing because to my ears, Phil's songwriting features unusual structures, intonation and phrasing (I know what I mean). And he has an interesting voice; a sort of mix of Paul Kelly, Sime Nugent and JJ Cale.
Underpinning it all is his very nice playing of a range of resonators and acoustic guitars (6 string, 12 string, baritone tricone, Weissenborn, National Resorocket). There is some very sweet stuff  happening here. Very like Jeff Lang, perhaps without the flashy stuff.
He’s helped out by Roni Francois (bass, drums, piano, percussion), Michael King (electric guitars), Christian Marsh (harp), Paul Rutter (fretless bass), and Murray Campbell (djembe, Moroccan talking drum, Rain Stick) and they all provide a very tasteful accompaniment and solos without overshadowing Phil and his guitar. It's a very nicely mixed album; a lovely rich sound that really rewards careful listening. It’s not an album to be listened to in  my car – the road noise covers up too much good stuff. Put it on in a quiet moment and sit back and listen; it's well worth the effort.
Phil's storytelling and sweet playing is perfectly showcased in beautiful tracks like It Could Be Me, Price I Pay, Troubled Mind and I Don't Stop. Songs of life, loss, and despair, all written by Phil and al beautifully presented.
The next time this guy plays The Tea Club in Nowra I'll be there.